Mistakes you make when using your vehicle insurance

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In Peru, driving without insurance is not a matter of brave, but naive. The number of accidents that occur per day due to the poor driving habits of Peruvians is very high.

So, insuring your vehicle is the best thing you can do to keep your car in good condition and you and your family safe.

However, it is not enough to look for a vehicle insurance that suits you and acquire it, you also have to learn to use it to avoid bad driving that can end up harming you.

Here are behaviors that do not allow you to make good use of your insurance:

Use it for everything

Use it for everything

While insurance is made to protect your vehicle in case of accidents, some policies include assistance services and others make life easier for the driver. However, you must be careful when you decide at what time you use it, since using it can greatly affect your image before the insurer.

In addition, you should consider the deductible, since many times the cost of repairing the damage is less than that of the deductible, so you should not enter the claim.

Block obstacles when requesting compensation


If you are requesting some type of compensation, remember that a process must be followed and some documents and procedures that you must be willing to perform so that the insurer can complete your application will be required. A bad attitude and poor disposition, only hinder all actions.

Claim things that are not included in the contract

Claim things that are not included in the contract

When purchasing vehicle insurance, all coverage and exclusions in your contract are specified. Before claiming something, you should check it out to be sure that item is included.

Claiming things that were not contemplated in your contract will not give good results, since the insurer is governed by that document.

Provide false information to the insurer

Provide false information to the insurer

Some drivers choose to deliver false data to insurers to gain access to offers or compensation to be recognized. By doing this, you may lose all right to use your insurance, as it violates the usage policies.

Vehicle insurance are products that help you protect your finances from a possible accident, but it is necessary to use them to get the most out of them. If your renewal date approaches, compare all vehicle insurance. You can easily find the best insurance for you and you will also ensure that you are not overcharged.